Dedicated Staffing

Dedicated staffing is a partnership between different organizations to enable staffing services for industries with limited in-house talent or team of skilled staff. It is the most common solution offered to many outsourcing companies in order to meet client’s requirement for long term business or project needs. In this process, you have the opportunity to choose a company that aligns your business staffing needs with the best IT professionals possessing a strong blend of technology and industry expertise.

Driving dedicated staffing from Sketch Web Solutions, you can expect highly professional work with your team to provide the best result to fit your specific requirements. We are committed to ensure our clients to get end to end solutions for their projects involving attractive designs and developing techniques which run on web, desktop and wireless platform. If you seek maximum benefit with minimum investment, we are the right solution!

  • Affordable price
  • 24X7 support
  • Stay connected
  • Dedicated workforce
  • Increase in productivity

Flexible Engagement Model

To suit your requirement

Fixed Duration /Price

Closed-Ended T&M

Ideal if: Requirements are firmly defined and specifications for the project exist. Ready to implement additions & modifications through a change management process. Budgets and timelines are well defined.

Hourly Work & Billing

Open-Ended T&M

Ideal if: Scope of work is diverse, varied and cannot be readily estimated.Dedicated resources are not required to be assigned. Tasks are towards sporadic maintenance, enhancement, fixes etc.

Full Time Equivalent(S)

Offshore Dedicated Resources

Ideal if: Requirements are towards interactive product development that requires continual version releases. There is a need (Offshore Dedicated Resources) to transfer fixed costs to an offshore location-including costs incurred associated with hiring infrastructure etc.

Full Time Equivalent(S) Two

Offshore Dedicated Multiple Resources

Ideal if: Tasks are to be performed at a client's premises .Requirements is to be gathered from various department heads/ contacts.

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Abilities and Strength

Matching your skills


6 months to 1.5 years experience


1.5 to 3 years Experience
Bachelor in Computer Science Or MCA

Ability to Analyze Projects

System Archietechture

Project Management with Team

Fluent in client communications

Strong technical & domain knowledge

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